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I'm Kevin, a wanderlust visual storyteller, commercial and editorial photographer, awarded wildlife photographer (toots own horn), and certified venomous snake handler. With roots as a creative director, I use that knowledge to elevate my photography and help brands create compelling stories from concept to execution.

Living in Atlanta, Georgia (home of the 5-stripes, Atlanta United FC), with my wife, kids, and several animals. I'm also the guy people text when they "want to know what kind of bug this is". 

When I'm not working with brands, I spend time photographing for the Amphibian Foundation here in Atlanta, documenting and promoting our crucial conservation efforts aimed at creating and implementing lasting solutions to the global amphibian extinction crisis. 

Portfolio Center College of Art and Design (now Miami Ad School) in Atlanta welcomed me into their fold many years ago and helped me fine-tune my craft in both graphic design and photography. Now, I get to take photos of things that make me happy and people that inspire me. 

Reach out anytime. I'm always happy to let you know what kind of bug it is.

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This is the photo that started it all

Okay! So here's the deal. In 2005, a good friend gave me a Mamiya RB67 with a Polaroid back as a gift. I still kick myself for getting rid of this camera. At that time, I really had no idea about photography, but I immediately connected with it.
That same year, I took a trip to Africa. During a layover in London, I  took photos of anything I could… buildings, birds, crowds, trains—you name it.
I sat beside the fountain you see in the image above. A man sat down beside me, and we started talking. He asked about my camera, and I said that I loved his incredible dreadlocks, which he told me hadn't been cut in 25 years. Yes, those are his dreads he is holding up in the photo. 
Before I left, he asked if I could take a photo of him to keep. I said, “How about two? One for you, and one for me.". I took some photos and we sat together and watched the film develop. He smiled as his face began to appear on the Polaroid film. 
That encounter with a stranger taught me the incredible power of photography, freezing a single moment in time.
And that's how I fell in love with photography—through an unplanned encounter with a dreadlocked fella in London, and the instant magic of  Polaroid film.
Now you know. *Boop*


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